When you drive a Toyota, you can take pride in the immense level of safety the automaker provides. Toyota vehicles are known for their safety features, and it can help give you comfort when behind the wheel. No matter how safe of a car you may have, though, accidents can still happen. You need to be ready to react to the accidents and have your car taken care of properly. This is where our team at Alamo Toyota Collision Center comes into play. We aim to help all of our San Antonio, TX customers with top-tier service.


Our goal is to make the repair as easy of an experience as possible for you. We have the ability to repair all makes and models. There is no Toyota we have not worked on in the past. When you bring in your vehicle to us, you can be comfortable in knowing that we want it to be a seamless experience to get you back on the road in little time. We start off with complimentary estimates. When you bring your 4Runner to us, we want you to know what it is going to cost you for the repair and will work with you on the repair needs and go over why it is going to cost what it does.  

Once you get your estimate, we’ll work on a repair timetable that works for you. The goal is to get the repair done as quickly as possible. We can also schedule a pickup and delivery service for the vehicle. We know you have a life to live, and we want you to be able to do that without having to deal with endless time being spent at our location. 

Doing the Toyota 4Runner Repair Correctly

Our goal is to do your 4Runner repair correctly the first time. We have a team of technicians with years of experience working on all sorts of Toyota models. We also have the tools and equipment that are nothing but top of the line. When you work with the very best equipment, it can help to make the repair job that much easier.  

When you get Toyota 4Runner bodywork done by our team, we will be providing you a lifetime limited warranty. The lifetime limited warranty on all bodywork is going to give you comfort from top to bottom. We want you to be confident in the work we do on your vehicle, to know we are going to stand by it. When you bring your 4Runner to us, we know you trust us to do the job properly. Let us work on your San Antonio, TX Toyota, and get it looking brand new all over again!

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