Toyota OEM Parts in San Antonio, TX

Genuine Toyota parts are made directly by Toyota. They are called original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, whereas third-party manufacturers make aftermarket parts. A certified car dealership such as Alamo Toyota Collision Center will offer all the OEM parts for the vehicle. If the part is not available at the location, they should be able to order the part for you.

OEM Toyota Parts

Why Is Using Genuine Toyota Parts Important?

The most important reason why you should use genuine Toyota parts is because of safety. Auto parts that are not genuine are more likely to malfunction, and even a slight malfunction of a part can cause an accident on the road. Another reason is that without genuine parts, you can’t expect the car to perform at its peak, which means the fuel efficiency, handling, or power of the car will be compromised. Lastly, the warranty of the car might be voided if you use non-genuine Toyota parts. Warranty is useful because it protects you from paying out of pocket for certain types of issues with the car.

Advantages of Toyota OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

  • OEM parts tend to provide a better fit as the OEM part is meant for that specific brand and model of the car.
  • There is a greater assurance of quality, providing greater peace of mind for the buyer. Most OEM parts come with a warranty.
  • It is easier to choose OEM parts. You can use the make and model of your car to find a perfect fitting part for your car.

Disadvantages of Toyota OEM Part vs. Aftermarket Parts

  • Aftermarket parts are less expensive compared to OEM parts.
  • With aftermarket parts, there is more variety. With OEM parts, only one manufacturer makes the part but with aftermarket parts, there could be several manufacturers, giving more options to buyers.
  • There is also better availability for aftermarket parts as there is more variety and range for aftermarket parts. OEM parts might only be available at certain certified dealership locations.
  • The quality level of aftermarket parts varies greatly, with some manufacturers offering very low-quality parts.

Genuine Toyota Parts at Alamo Toyota Collision Center

Alamo Toyota Collision Center of San Antonio, TX, offers only genuine Toyota parts. Nearby cities such as Live Oak, Selma, Alamo Heights, and Castle Hills, TX, are also within convenient driving distance. At Alamo Toyota Collision Center, you get state of the art equipment and tools. Along with I-Car certified technicians, you also get a lifetime warranty on all bodywork services. Customers get a free estimate for the repair job along with pickup and delivery services. Alamo Toyota Collision Center deals directly with most car insurance companies.

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