Car Detailing Service

Alamo Toyota Collision Center


When our Toyota car owners require the services of a licensed Toyota collision center, they not only need to expect premium service and repair, but they can also expect to receive their Toyota with a free car detailing service upon pickup or delivery. This is not the same as a standard car wash, however.
With the free car detailing service, technicians, go by hand to clean both the interior and exterior of your ToyotaAll leather, plastic and cloth surfaces within the Toyota are cleaned thoroughly removing dirt, dust, and trash from all the cracks and openings between the seats. The exterior of the Toyota is not only washed, but the tires and rims are also spotless. Expect your Toyota to have a waxed and polished finished when it is received.

Importance of Keeping a Clean Car

A car detailing service on your Toyota periodically is essential to preserve the condition of the Toyota, both inside and out of the vehicle. With a periodic car detailing service, you are able to determine if there is any damage done to the exterior of your Toyota or any damage to the interior. Also, it keeps a clean and healthy environment as particles and dust are not blowing around the cabin of the Toyota producing allergy symptoms in you or your passengers. 

Never Cleaning Your Vehicle

This service is complimentary when our technicians service your Toyota at Alamo Toyota Collision Center. However, if you choose not to maintain this service periodically throughout the year, you can expect the condition of your Toyota to deteriorate. Any potential damages that your Toyota may have are often overlooked without a car detail and are much more severe once they are discovered, damaging Toyota’s condition.

Alamo Toyota Collision Center

All the employed technicians at Alamo Toyota Collision Center are certified in Toyota and able to service any model that comes into the shop. They maintain their certification and maintain Toyota’s standard of excellence for our customers. With a facility that is state-of-the-art and equipped with the leading tools necessary for service and detailing, Toyota customers can expect to receive their Toyota after service repaired to its previous standard and cleaned thoroughly through the free car detailing service that is provided at the conclusion of service. If you live in San Antonio TX or other local areas such as Alamo Heights, Live Oak, Selma, and Castle Hills TX, our facility is open and available for your collision repairs. Contact us today to schedule a service or to receive an estimation on the service you need.

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