Fender Repair Service

Alamo Toyota Collision Center


Fenders can get damaged in a variety of ways, with damages ranging from minor dings to collisions causing extensive denting beyond repair. No matter what the condition of your fender, it is never too big or too small for us here at Alamo Toyota Collision Center.


We have the I-CAR Certified Technicians and special instruments in order to fix your fender and/or bumper. However, if your fender is damaged beyond repair, we can replace it quickly and conveniently as needed to restore your vehicle. Whenever you need a fender repair service in San Antonio, Alamo Heights, Live Oak, Selma, or Castle Hills, we invite you to get the region’s best at Alamo Toyota Collision Center.

Fender Damage

During a collision, your fender can receive damages that require repair. Your fender is the frame positioned over your wheels. If you’ve been in an accident and it gets damaged, San Antonio best are located at Alamo Toyota Collision Center.

Our Repair Process

Fender damages come in all shapes, sizes, and severities including scratches, dents, cracks, and breaking. If the fender is scratched, the repair might include buffing the scratch out. However, for deeper scratches or cuts, the damage might need to be filled, buffed, and painted to restore its pre-damaged look. If the fender is dented, some dents can be pulled out using a specialized technique or a vacuum instrument. However, if the dent does not budge utilizing this technique, it might need to be replaced to restore its integrity.

The most severe damage includes cracking or obvious breaks. If the crack can be filled and reinforced, the certified technician will perform this level of service; however, if the break is extensive, we’ll need to replace it to ensure strong structural integrity to ensure maximum safety in a future accident.

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